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Rocket Science

OK its not rocket science… but it does require logic, creativity and experience!


Everyone at Logical Campaign has started and sold their own business. We understand startups and bring unique experience and ideas to the table.

Established Businesses

We help businesses all over the world boost sales and most of our clients have been with us for at least three years so we must be doing something right!

Unique Approach

Marketing is a results based business – if we don’t get results we lose clients. This drives us to do whatever it takes to deliver. Let us share our determination!



The majority of internet users don’t look past the first page of search engine results, and if you’re not there, chances are you’re missing out on a significant amount of revenue

Social Media

Social media has become an essential part of digital communication and we know how to harness the strengths, the popularity and viral qualities of social media


PR isn’t easy but rather than waste your time with corporate buzzwords we’d like you to bookmark our blog post on how to get PR coverage – its very truthful!


Believe it or not 80% of companies haven’t adapted to the internet era. Our strategy projects bridge that gap to inspire your Acquisition, Retention and Go-To-Market strategies.


Intrinsically (but not always) linked with SEO, content helps you attract, engage and convert. Know exactly what customers want, create SEO-friendly content and ensure it’s easily accessible.


We manage or have great relations with highly influential bloggers and social media stars. A simple nod to your product or service can sky rocket your sales overnight. Powerful!


Advertising should entertain, educate or inspire but the sad fact is that at least 90% of today’s campaigns are boring. When did you last see an ad that actually engaged you?


Video has massive engagement but it isn’t just YouTube, Its everywhere! Facebook video, Twitter video, Instagram video, SnapChat stories and so on. More engagement more sales!

Web Design

Our web design services are designed to compliment our other services but we are able to help with one off designs and builds to non retained clients. Ask for a quote – you’ll find it competitive!

Cutting Edge

This is our top secret service using methods and techniques we invented that haven’t entered the mainstream. This is only available to retained clients on the Logical Package – sorry!

The Blacklist

We don’t offer these services because they don’t work but other agencies might not be so ethical. If your business has more money than sense our Blacklist will show you how to throw money down the drain!

Logical Package

A pick and mix combination of our services rolled into one simple monthly retainer on a long term contract – every business has different needs so do what works for you. Simple!

Getting your big idea in front of the right journalists, investors and influencers is a top priority for any early-stage business. You get access to PR expertise without a long term commitment. We get to unearth and help grow the future superstars of the startup community. Winner winner chicken dinner!

*Our rocket boosting Startup Special is exclusively available to startups who are yet to raise their first round of venture capital


Marketing Campaigns That Are Boring


People That Fear The Dentist


Statistics That Are Made Up


“Attraction” is where you initially reach out and attract potential customers. There are many ways to attract attention to your products and services both online and offline but the most useful are: Social Media, Content, Video, PR and SEO. The more you do in the attraction stage the wider the reach of your marketing campaign becomes and the more people you will be able to attract. Sounds simple and obvious we know! In a nutshell, the goal of this stage is to direct traffic to your content or website.

Earn Trust

In order to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field and earn the trust of the customer you need interesting and consistent content. This will give you plenty to post about on social media and will do wonders for your SEO. By having an active blog integrated into your website the traffic you drive to your site from the “attraction” stage will be more likely to convert into sales. The goal of this stage is to build the trust of your potential customer. Customers who trust you are less price sensitive, require less persuasion to buy and are more likely to recommend you.

Dont sell - solve!

This is the final stage in the marketing process and the goal is to generate leads or purchases. One important thing to bear in mind is that you are using SOCIAL media and not sales media! If all you do is blast out sales pitch tweets, posts or blogs you probably wont sell much. Instead you should focus on what problems your customers face and how you can solve them. Every business solves a problem, even a supermarket (on a basic level the problem would be “I need to buy food”). Think about what problem you solve and help customers find your solution.

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