Over the last 15 years, FirstClassJet has grown to become one of North America’s premier private aviation companies with over 2000 jets at their disposal in the US and Canada plus over 10,000 worldwide. The company offers an unparalleled range of private transportation for individuals, corporations, film crews and alike. When FirstClassJet came to us in early 2014, their website and online presence didn’t reflect the scope of the company’s offering. The company were keen to change this as quickly as possible.

The Challenge

Their site was in need of a design overhaul as architectural and technical problems meant it was not ranking in search engines for anything beyond terms related to specific aircraft brands. The FirstClassJet website also had fewer than 30 other websites linking to it, which meant it lacked authority, popularity and trust from a search engine perspective. While its key competitors were enjoying first page Google rankings for the most lucrative and highly searched for keywords in the industry, FirstClassJet could barely be found.


The first step for FirstClassJet was to build a brand new website on a search engine friendly platform. Unlike their previous website, this one would be designed with search engines in mind. With every website we build at Logical Campaign, the SEO team is heavily involved in the process from start to finish. The FirstClassJet website was no exception and the work we undertook was far-reaching.

Onsite Optimization

Keyword Research – extensive keyword research informed every aspect of the new site’s architecture. After defining a keyword model we designed a category hierarchy that ensured each hidden category page targeted a unique,commercially relevant,high volume keyword.

Copywriting – we produced unique, keyword rich copy for the site’s category pages. Each piece of copy targets a series of long tail terms related to the page’s primary keyword.

Title Tags & Meta Descriptions – optimization of hundreds of title tags and meta descriptions site wide for the benefit of keyword targeting and click through rates. This work is ongoing.

URL Management& Technical SEO – redirection of previous site’s URLs to new site; implementing canonical tags; managing robots.txt, sitemap files and Webmaster Tools.

Offsite Optimization

Since FirstClassJet had few quality websites linking to them when we started the campaign, it has been a long process to build up the site’s link authority. Through ongoing digital PR and outreach, we have built valuable relationships with bloggers and webmasters not just in the aviation community but also within entertainment and sport who have helped us get the brand, content and services in front of the right audiences. Operating in such a niche market has been challenging but also provided huge opportunities. We have also ensured that FirstClassJet airfields and suppliers are linking to the website, which has been an important source of direct traffic, in addition to link equity.

The Results

FirstClassJet organic search campaign saw a 130% increase intraffic and a 43% increase in revenue, driven almost exclusively by improved rankings for non-brand terms. Previously if you Googled practically any private aviation related non-brand keyword, FirstClassJet was nowhere to be seen. Now the site ranks on Google’s first page for the most competitive high volume searches in the industry and enjoys number one rankings for several valuable industry terms. Perhaps the most important edge FirstClassJet now has over its competitors is its long tail search presence. We track hundreds of commercially relevant keywords each month, and FirstClassJet now ranks on Google’s first page for many more terms than its key competitors. This contributes significantly to the high levels of traffic that now reach the site.


“We spent several years battling with a clunky website and little to no presence in search engine rankings. Logical Campaign rebuilt our entire site and took care of all the technical search aspects we frankly don’t have time for. We have seen our ranking improve dramatically which has led to massive increases in bookings. I don’t know if all of this is to do with the Google changes in 2015 or their great work but I do know we wouldn’t be growing so fast if we had never hired them. We’ve been through several marketing agencies over the years and it has taken a while but I feel confident that Logical Campaign are the right agency for us to move forward as a business”

Mike Kennedy, Head of Marketing, First Class Jet.

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