Working closely with experts in international migration, Logical Campaign provided Going Kiwi with a rapidly increasing presence in search engine results. We delivered page one keyword rankings for all their key services and terms, and are constantly working towards improving their positions on high competition keywords.

The Challenge

A major California law firm dealing with all aspects of corporate and banking law (including international corporate migration) were seeing a surge in US corporations expanding into Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Owing to the favorable business conditions and growing New Zealand economy that country became the destination of choice for corporations and high net worth individuals wanting a base in the UTC time zone. The firm decided to set up a specialist division in 2014 and Going Kiwi was born.

Going Kiwi paid a large sum of money to a different marketing agency for their first website but after one year their search engine ranking, even for niche keywords, had not moved. In addition, their previous marketing agency had set them up to rank worldwide which was completely pointless – Going Kiwi work only with US corporations and citizens so ranking in Mumbai offered no value for them. The task was to rank in US based search results!



For a fraction of the cost of the previous agency we rebuilt the website from scratch, rewriting (and cutting down) all the content and then implementing correct onsite optimization. We also created a marketing strategy allowing Going Kiwi to grow in their sector and also expand into two new markets.


“We’ve been working with Logical Campaign for two years and they have taken us from search invisibility to being one of the most search visible companies in our sector and we’ve seen traffic to our site grow every quarter. They implemented a strategy for Going Kiwi which enabled us to expand our business and launch two new sites, Going Kangaroo and Going United which they are also helping us with. Their ability to think creatively and respond quickly to the regular changes within Google means we are able to compete with brands with much larger marketing budgets than ourselves. We expect to continue to work with them for many years.”

– David Buchanan, CEO, Going Kiwi

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