Lansing Investments is one of the largest private investment fund organisations in Asia managing more than $6 billion on behalf of thousands of investors from the US, Russia, China and the Middle East.

Lansing Investments contacted Logical Campaign with a view to increasing the search visibility of a specific new product to investors in the Middle East. The product in question involves unsecured dollar denominated loans to emerging businesses in Africa which show the potential to grow rapidly and deliver exceptional returns. To protect investors these loans are converted into equity swaps with international banks.

After being fully honest with the client that we knew absolutely nothing about “unsecured equity swaps” (or whatever they are called) we initially performed an onsite analysis and discovered that nothing on the site had been optimized at all. We also looked into the firms link profile and found a significant quantity of low quality links that had probably been purchased by a previous agency. These links were often broken or contained spam which was probably impacting search results.

Our technical SEO and content teams began by revising site architecture and onsite optimization while also cleaning up the poor external profile. Once implemented the focus moved to quality content creation, supported by quality link building. Technical tweaks to the site continued to be suggested and implemented throughout.


Lansing Investments are now one of the most search visible businesses within their industry in their targeted markets. Over the course of 12 months, search traffic overall close to doubled.


“Logical Campaign’s impact has been staggering. Their ability to plan effective, SEO marketing strategies has transformed our ROI and cut our advertising spend in half.”

– Kenneth Johnson, Marketing Director

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