Misthaven Designs is one of the most respected exterior/interior design agencies in North America with a worldwide presence. They have worked on both airports and hotels around the US and also in Dubai and China together with luxury spas in south East Asia, bespoke villas around the Mediterranean and high end residential and commercial properties all over North America.

Misthaven Designs engaged Logical Campaign to increase its search presence in selected markets (California, Florida and Dubai) with a very specific focus on areas of desired business growth.

After an in depth technical audit, we decided that the site architecture left a lot to be desired and that, rather than muddling through with amendments to different pages and additional code in different sections, having a redesigned website would really maximize the benefits of our off site work. We then established a plan to cement the site’s authority while boosting the online visibility of external content.

For site-wide imimprovements our SEO team detected and advised on the redesignof significant pages with problematic status codes. In order to improve the visibility of key sections of the website, we assessed and advised on structured data opportunities.

The campaign then progressed into its second phase, which is still ongoing.


Early results have been very encouraging. In the immediate months following initial redesign and optimization work, the site saw a 111% increase in year-on-year organic traffic. For an already highly established organisation, this is phenomenal.


“A previous agency had left us with a very poor link profile and after Logical Campaign started work they suggested we redesign our website with SEO in mind. The site was finalized and launched we were amazed by the increase in organic traffic. There has been an approximately 111% year-on-year increase in organic traffic. We have found the communication to be excellent and the work to be equally as impressive.”

– Kirsten Hammett, Founder and CEO.

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