Whisper PR is a well established PR agency with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai and Mumbai.

The agency is 100% on delivering PR results for the clients and focuses solely on PR. As a result their knowledge in the technical aspects of SEO is limited. Logical Campaign was asked to work on increasing their search presence not only in Asia but also the US west coast to target VC firms investing in Asian startups requiring PR services in Asia.

Our work on the campaign began with initial technical optimization and SEO copywriting. This was followed by ongoing content creation and high quality link building to strategic pages on the site. Throughout the campaign, content on key pages was adjusted to ensure maximum visibility in search. The SEO team also implemented structured data to support entity and brand recognition.


For a fraction of the cost of the previous agency we rebuilt the website from scratch, rewriting (and cutting down) all the content and then implementing correct onsite optimization. We also created a marketing strategy allowing Going Kiwi to grow in their sector and also expand into two new markets.


“Logical Campaign improved our Google Search Engine visibility for competitive keywords, resulting in an increase in inquiries and new clients. Their SEO service offers a mix of research, technical know how, UX, content marketing and clever tricks with social media. A brilliant agency and highly recommended.”

– Lisa Nichols, Creative Director

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