Do you want to increase your sales, but don’t have money for advertising?

Would you like to grow your business using social media?

In this article you’ll discover the social media “secret” that anyone can use to grow their business without spending money on advertising.

Lets look at Pick Your Plum, an online retailer specializing in limited-time discount deals that has grown 800-fold with no advertising!

The owner of Pick Your Plum, a mother of four living in Utah, started a blog called How Does She with two friends in 2009. The site focused on tutorials for craft projects. She used social media exclusively to promote the site, which grew phenomenally and now reaches 1.5 million people per month.

After getting many requests for where to find the materials for projects featured on How Does She, she researched how to get good-quality materials in bulk for a good price. In April 2011, she decided to start her own business, Pick Your Plum, to sell directly to customers.

In three years, Pick Your Plum has grown 800-fold from its initial tiny investment.

Pick Your Plum’s growth is nearly 100% from organic social media.

Pick Your Plum cross-promotes and has affiliate relationships with hundreds of bloggers.

To promote Pick Your Plum they started with social media from day one with no budget for advertising. But growing How Does She’s audience was a valuable lesson!

At first, Pick Your Plum was selling products found through distributors in the United States. But the audience was growing so much that the company would run out of products in half an hour, and the site would sit dormant until the next morning’s deals went on sale.

So what’s the secret?

The “secret” (or common sense as we call it) is working together.


Working with other bloggers and shops to promote each other, passing traffic and readers. We have developed relationships with hundreds of bloggers over the years getting to know know them through making comments on their sites and going to blogging conferences. We genuinely love that side of what we do.

Just imagine if you had 100s of bloggers you knew on first name terms

Just one email to blogging contacts asking for their support leads to an overwhelming response.

This is how the reach for Pick Your Plum grew quickly. In return, Pick Your Plum promotes those bloggers on its own social sites.

There are a few more things you can do to create a growing and loyal customer base and subsequent sales.

In short social media is a game changer but so many businesses still dont get it – that’s great news for businesses that do!