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Everyone at Logical Campaign has started and sold their own business. We understand startups and bring unique experience and ideas to the table.

Established Businesses

We help businesses all over the world boost sales and most of our clients have been with us for at least three years so we must be doing something right!

Unique Approach

Marketing is a results based business – if we don’t get results we lose clients. This drives us to do whatever it takes to deliver. Let us share our determination!


Times Change

As consumers actively reduce the ability of brands to interrupt them with marketing through ad blockers and on demand TV, we now need to create content that is ‘sought’ by audiences rather than just shown by advertisers. Brands are now having to behave much more like publishers.

Plan And Plan Again

The medium of video is so potent, effective and in-demand that we believe it warrants a comprehensive video content strategy. As an agency we specialize in creating video content strategies that influence the entire customer journey and help drive more efficient budgets. You deserve a more efficient and effective video content strategy!


Video content has never been more popular – close to two thirds of consumers have bought a product online as a direct result of watching a video but producing the video is only part of the story. The promotion and activation is often as important as the content itself. How will people view the video?


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