The engine of the economy – time to accelerate!


Everyone at Logical Campaign has started and sold their own business. We understand startups and bring unique experience and ideas to the table.

Small Is Better

Smaller organisations can undertake more ambitious campaigns because usually senior management are more closely involved and is willing to be more adventurous.


SMEs cant compete with corporates but they dont need to – its about being logical and creative to slice off your piece of the pie


Strategic Advice

Our strategic focus is not on marketing itself (all in good time) but the impact that a logical campaign should have on your business – driving sales and boosting profits.

Experience And Results

Over the years we have worked with scores of SMEs to make them more successful – faster. A lot of them are still clients while others have sold their businesses for millions of dollars.

Peace Of Mind

Having an outsource team gives you the peace of mind that not only are your needs met in a cost effective way but that they are also handled by experts who specialize in getting results.

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